May 18, 2009 Cartoon-A-Thon for Mental Health Awareness Month

and Dr. Bob Bob what are some signs of mental illness? Is there a blood test or litmus test? or single fact. That is decisive in proving the presence of mental illness? is it true if I think I’m crazy that prove I am not. Send some one with a mental disorder can know they have a mental disorder right??? Linus litmus

Linus, let’s just hold up for  a second. Hopefully, you understand it’s a question per column. week. Let everyone think they can write a question and then sneak in a few more under the radar to answer your question I’ve heard of a book called the diagnostic and statistical  manual of mental disorders DSMD-4. I googled it and it says all diagnosable mental illness depends on the presence of multiple signs and symptoms coming together in just the right way during a certain period of time.  Sounds like a good book maybe  I will buy it.



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