Annette Smiling Mental Health Hero 2010 Cartoon-A-Thon for Mental Health Awareness Month

Annette Smiling

Mental Health Humor Cartoon-A-Thon SponsoredOne of these days I’m going to soar,

I have a love for life and people I acknowledge all the gifts God gave me and share them with others. I am not a fanatic or anything and will not shove the Bible down your throat so please don’t get that idea about me. I have lived an exciting life, am now 53, have worked several careers in my life and have never dreaded any of them. Each day is a new beginning and a learning experience each person you meet is just a friend in hiding. I have been alone for as long as I needed to be and now am kind of looking, not really down out seeking being needy or anything if someone just happens to be what I want well we’ll talk about it. I love animals but since I’ve gotten older I have to watch it due to allergies, but still have that special connection with them, hobbies include computers, reading, photography.

Mental Health Story

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