Larry Drain Mental Health Hero 2010 Cartoon-A-Thon for Mental Health Awareness Month


Larry Drain 2010 Cartoon-a-thon Mental Health Hero

Mental Health Hero Larry Drain


Mental health heroHopeworks Community is a multi-faceted site that covers many aspects of bipolar disorder as well as other mental health issues. Included are bipolar, recovery, support, suicide prevention, advocacy, depression stigma and others. Hopeworks Community has been featured on many other sites including “Beyond Blue”, Psychcentral, Huffington Post, Bipolarcentral, as well as many others. We also have ’16 MINUTES” ( which is a suicide prevention blog. In addition we have several projects on Facebook with about 3500 people involved on a world-wide basis. Hopeworks is the Blount County chapter of the DBSA and won the DBSA service award for the best new chapter of 2008.

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