May 2nd Mental Health Hero: Keith Mahar

Keith Mahar 2012 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon by Chato Stewart

Keith Mahar 2012 Mental Health Hero photo for Chato Stewats Mental Health Humor Cartoon-a-thonKeith Mahar is an activist, mental health advocate and social worker employed in community mental health in Canberra, Australia. Keith has been involved in local, national and international mental health initiatives as was acknowledged last year in the Australian Senate. He independently established Mentalympians, a fledgling mental health media initiative that the Mental Health Council of Australia describes as “a world first website which is all about mental health recovery and resilience.”

The word ‘mentalympian‘ is a strength-based term created by Keith Mahar to define anyone who voluntarily competes against stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination by disclosing that she or he has personally experienced mental illness.


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Bonus My kids Drawings

By Precious Age 9
By Lp Age 13
By Sweet Pea age 10
By Belly age 6



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