Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month starts May 1 to the 31. My 3 girls and I (Chato Stewart NAMI Pt. Charlotte member) will Draw a caricature OF THE featured daily Mental Heath Hero. The HERO will then be given a platform to tell his/her story of recovery/experiences and be able to promote their own projects/events/books on 4 different blogs and over 5000 social network followers.  If you missed it then check the the awesome Psych Central blogger personality that review late years. I’m look for sponsor and Heroes. If you want to help by donating a product or book to give away that would be a great in-kind sponsorship.  Sharing the links and the drawing about the heroes is another great and fun way to get involved. thanks. Contact Chato Stewart if you would like to get involved: Chato Stewart 941-444-9971   – Chato B.  Stewart Mental Health Advocate – Cartoonist – and a few other  things! & Please Support Our Humor Project

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