David Speicher Mental Health Hero #MentalHealthMonth

David Speicher Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460David Speicher

2013 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon

Drawing by Chato Stewart

David Speicher sm

I worked as a Human Resources Director for over 20 years.  I partnered with executives to change culture and minds moving from a harsh bureaucratic system to one with a culture of free will to approach your profession, your job and employee involvement.  I also over saw our benefits programs which often had at least minimum coverage for mental health. I also managed our Employee Assistance Programs (ESP)

As a consumer and not being diagnosed until I was 42, I took the skills I learned in corporate America about changing cultures, minds, and removing barriers both functional and cultural.  Through Mindfulness, I turned my full time energy into Mental Health and advocacy.

I am a Consumer Representative for the Santa Clara Mental Health Board.  This oversees our state funded Mental Health System in California, Santa Clara County.

I am also on the board of the Santa Clara County National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) serving as the legislative advocacy appointee.

I have been involved with helping people with Mental Illness and have worked for the Santa Clara County Mental Health Department as an Advocate, Facilitator, and Peer Mentor. In an effort to accomplish this I am a trained facilitator in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and am certified in Mental Health First Aid and a Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DRA) facilitator.

My mission is Stigma Elimination, Access, and Suicide Prevention. I am on the Santa Clara County Suicide Prevention Workgroup and am a part of the Speakers Bureau which will inform, give information and hopefully save lives along with breaking the Stigma associated with Mental Illness. This is the first of its kind in the State of California.

Mental Health Care  Consumer Advocate
Mental Health First Aid Certified
Peer Mentor & Facilitator

  David Speicher Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460

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 David Speicher Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460 Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460 Linda and Charlie Bloom Mental Health Hero 2013 Mental Health Month - cartoon by Chato Stewart 460 thumbnail KellyBabcock 460 Kristi Goldsberry small cartoon


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FreeCounselingHelp.com is America’s only directory connecting people with affordable counseling. There are thousands of non-profit agencies within America that are available to help those with limited means. FreeCounselingHelp.com allows people to quickly search by ZIP code and find the best fit for their mental health needs.

Mentalympians is a mental health community development initiative to raise awareness of mental health recovery, inspire hope, reduce self-stigma, foster recovery and also connect individuals who are interested in campaigning for mental health reform.

I would like to thank Enzymedica’s Tom Bohager for his support. Enzymedica is Florida-based founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted digestive enzymes products. Considered America’s #1 selling enzyme brand sold by health food store retailers. They also offer a FREE Digestive Enzyme interactive education program that is very helpful in learning the benefits enzymes have on our over all health.

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  5. Gail Price says:

    Fabulous, David is so deserving. He makes a big difference in raising issues and providing ideas and solutions related to mental health services and the need to educate the broader community about the stigma issues that exist.

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