Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero #MentalHealthMonth

Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460

Kathi Stringer

2013 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon

Drawing by Chato Stewart

 Kathi Stringer2I was self-employed and a key supplier for Hughes Aircraft.  Quality was important.  After being hospitalized my focused changed to educating people about performance improvement, quality and corrective action to improve the delivery of mental health services.

My goal was to stop the patient abuse and neglect that I have experienced.  I have found that many of the codes already exist in law, we just need to find them to demand corrective action.

In my work I have been able to get corrective action for policy changes to help stop patient abuse, and improve the therapeutic process in outpatient and inpatient.  Anyone can be a superhero if they are armed with knowledge to affect change.


Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460

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 Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460 Linda and Charlie Bloom Mental Health Hero 2013 Mental Health Month - cartoon by Chato Stewart 460 thumbnail KellyBabcock 460 Kristi Goldsberry small cartoon


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FreeCounselingHelp.com is America’s only directory connecting people with affordable counseling. There are thousands of non-profit agencies within America that are available to help those with limited means. FreeCounselingHelp.com allows people to quickly search by ZIP code and find the best fit for their mental health needs.

Mentalympians is a mental health community development initiative to raise awareness of mental health recovery, inspire hope, reduce self-stigma, foster recovery and also connect individuals who are interested in campaigning for mental health reform.

I would like to thank Enzymedica’s Tom Bohager for his support. Enzymedica is Florida-based founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted digestive enzymes products. Considered America’s #1 selling enzyme brand sold by health food store retailers. They also offer a FREE Digestive Enzyme interactive education program that is very helpful in learning the benefits enzymes have on our over all health.

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