Shannon Jacuzzi Mental Health Hero #MentalHealthMonth

460 Shannon Jacuzzi Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart

Shannon Jacuzzi

2013 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon

Drawing by Chato Stewart

Shannon Jacuzzi 300

My story, really is one among thousands. My sister’s suicide is a loss among thousands, one I will always believe could have been prevented.

Lime-lighting mental health awareness, recovery and change is at the heart of this late acceptance.

Lime green is to symbolize springtime, hope and new life. It is now on awareness products, in promotions by MHA, NAMI, DBSA and NIMH. It’s been featured in BP Hope magazine and in articles. It is associated in countries such as Australia, England, Ireland, Germany and Guatemala. Lime-lights shine bright in the darkness. It has brightened bridges in Buffalo, NY, and in Arkansas. Houston’s City Hall and other structures. Lime T-shirts and Walks are brightened. Facebook Groups have lime-lit. It’s associated with a national mental health sports advocate. Mental Health Screening (my biggest passion) is also associated with lime color.

Seeing how color made louder the collective voice of other worthy causes, I felt we needed a color too. Pink has done so much for breast cancer. Blue for Autism. Purple for Alzheimers, and on the list goes. Mental Health needed a color too! It is a worthy cause. So, seven (7) years ago I began this journey of lime-lighting mental health out of the darkness into the light. It’s a life calling and therapy all in one. Out of life’s tragedies, hopefully, good can come!

Brain organ wellness and mental health is as logical to overall well being as diet and nutrition – an organ like other body organs, the brain needs to be an integral part of the annual check up.
Thank you for this opportunity to reach others for mental health’s mainstreaming and normalization! For stigma to be addressed and wellness to be “OK” to pursue without shame and indignities.

460 Shannon Jacuzzi Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart

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Some of what motivates me…

What if?
Mental Health was “normalized”?
Part of overall well-being, for all of us (not just some of us)?
If Pediatrics to Geriatrics, mental health was checked upon?
If schools incorporated mental health screens for all children?
With parental consent, a parent and Pediatrician discussed?

What if?
If the brain organ was as important as other body organs?
The mental health movement fought stigma with logic?
Is brain wellness anything other than logical?
If pharmacology met whole life issues (social, job, diet)?
A color-cause-association made louder our collective voice?

What if?
People worked together towards a cultural mindset change?
Those afflicted found strength in advocacy?
If a bad experience can motivate for good works?
Together, we can help this world become more compassionate?
We prioritize education for upcoming generations on this matter?

What if?
That’s some of what motivates me to advocacy.
Which is part of my life’s calling.
Beyond the pursuit of accumulations, luxury, experiences.
A legacy, not in wealth or fame.
I find fulfillment and therapy and purpose for life in this hope.
Mental Health: Awareness, Recovery and Change.

By Shannon

 460 Shannon Jacuzzi Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart 460 Logan Noone Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart thumbnail David Speicher Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460 Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460 Linda and Charlie Bloom Mental Health Hero 2013 Mental Health Month - cartoon by Chato Stewart 460 thumbnail KellyBabcock 460 Kristi Goldsberry small cartoon


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Thanks to my wife Joan Winifred for her care, compassion and being my partner in wellness for the past 21 years.

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