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Kathi Stringer Mental Health Hero #MentalHealthMonth

Kathi Stringer 2013 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon Drawing by Chato Stewart  I was self-employed and a key supplier for Hughes Aircraft.  Quality was important.  After being hospitalized my focused changed to educating people about performance improvement, quality and corrective action to improve the delivery of mental health services. My goal was to stop the patient […]

May 7th Mental Health Hero: Summer Beretsky

Summer Beretsky 2012 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon Drawing done by Chato Stewart In twelfth grade, I wrote an essay called “Thinking Too Deeply About Over-Analyzation”. The topic was pretty self-explanatory: I picked apart (or, rather, over-analyzed) the very manner in which I over-analyze. I got an A on the essay. I also got a comment […]